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Evil Extractor

Evil Extractor is an attack software developed against Windows-Based operating systems. It offers two modes of operation: Single Bullet and RAT. Users can combine these modes for more advanced attacks. With RAT mode, you can establish a live connection with the target system, giving you the ability to upload, delete, download files, take screenshots, send fake error messages and perform many other actions. On the other hand, Single Bullet mode provides six primary attack types, each with unique features that work through FTP service.


Password & Cookie Extractor

Access passwords, cookies and browser histories from popular browsers

Screen & Webcam Extractor

Take screen and webcam images from the target system

Credentials Extractor

Retrieve PC information like public IP, real-time location, PC Name etc.

File Extractor

Get important files from popular locations like desktop and downloads folder

All In One Extractor

Combine all the other attack types in all in one method

Silently lock all the files on the target system and leave a custom note
Private Encrypter & Binder

Encrypt your agent with private encrypter & bind your agent with pdf, exe or txt files

RAT Mode

Upload, delete, download files, take screenshots, send fake error messages and perform many other actions in real-time connection


FTP Server System

Connect to your FTP server through Evil Extractor, monitor and download the logs in real-time

Agent Scan System

Evil Extractor has been integrated with the KleenScan service that displays the detection values of your agent

Can't be Destroyed

Evil Extractor agent keep works in the background, even if it is forcibly closed after it executes (works with extra features)

Windows Defender Bypass

Evil Extractor agent will add itself to exclusions once it executes

UAC Bypass

Evil Extractor agent will always run as administrator and silently bypass UAC


Evil Extractor agent will be fully silent in the background once it executes


Evil Extractor agent will not run inside virtual machines

No Traces

Evil Extractor agent leaves no trace on the target system

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t know what to do, don’t worry! We will send a detailed documentation for you. 

• Windows 10 (x64)

• Windows 11 (x64)

In addition, virtual machine is recommended for a clean setup.

Evil Extractor is designed for the next-generation Windows operating systems, ensuring smooth functionality on these platforms.

• Agents are fully integrated with Windows 10 & 11 (x64 and x86)

• Also, works on all Windows-Based operating systems (x64 and x86) based on PowerShell 5.1 & 5.1 higher.

You can check the full list from here.

• Ftp Server is required for Single Bullet Mode (We will provide a free FTP Server for 1 month to all customers)

• Port Forwarding is required for RAT Mode

No .net framework or extra dependencies required.

When a new version gets released, you will get the download link automatically after entering your license key.

When you create your agent without using extra features, the size is between 100-300 KB, but when you use extra features, it will be 5 MB+

Evil Extractor can only be installed on one computer. Don’t worry, you can reset your HWID once a month if you want to (limited to 2 HWID resets).